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i-Type Plans

There are a wide variety of affordable services available that cover everything from phone calls and text messages to data calling. Unused data can be rolled over to the next month, with free olleh WiFi Single value-added services offered as well.

| Notes |

•Unlimited Services within the kt Network: Unlimited domestic calls when made within the kt network (olleh mobile phones, kt home phones, kt Internet calling).

•Eligible Numbers: Discounts are restricted to numbers within the kt wireless network, area codes for the 16 domestic landline service bands, and numbers with the prefixes 070 (Internet phone calls), 0130, 0131, and 0502.

•Does not apply to calls to information services (e.g. 016/018-700/200-XXXX), kt 114, numbers with four-digit prefixes beginning with 1 (e.g., 1588), collect calls, or numbers with the prefixes 050, 060, or 080.

•Installment discounts are only available for new members with a Shocking Sponsor i-Type plan or when registering a new device.

•With unlimited data rates, service speed is adjusted when the usage amount exceeds the daily allotment under your specific rate plan in order to ensure stable data service speed.

•When a rate plan is changed after the first day of the month, basic rates and benefits (calling, messaging, data) are calculated on a daily pro-rated basis from the time when the change is made. For example, a subscriber who joins on Jan. 15 receives (31 - 14)/31*100 MB = 54.8 MB.) •Any remaining data balance will be rolled over to the end of the following month.
- Deductions apply to rollover balances before the monthly data allotment.
- Data balances are maintained when changing between i-Type plans.
* Any remaining data balance will be lost when the rate plan is changed to one other than an i-Type plan.

•Messaging services include SMS, LMS, and MMS.

•No combined rate plan discount (5-10% off the basic rate) is offered when combined with Internet services. However, a combined Internet discount (3-10% off monthly charges) and combined TV discount (3-10% off monthly charges) is offered.

•When a rate plan is changed, basic rates and benefits (calling, messaging, data) are calculated on a daily pro-rated basis from the time the change is made. When customers subscribe after the first day of the month, data calling is provided for the first month according to the number of days between the day you signed up for the subscription and the end of the month. Thus, if you sign up on June 5, your data quantity will be calculated for 25 days, not 30 days.


Questions about your service?

Mobile Services: Call 1583
(Toll-free from a kt mobile phone)
or (02) 2190-1180

Home Services: Call 1588-8448

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