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Please Note the Following When Using a Postpaid Plan

Permitted Number of Lines

Subscribers are permitted one postpaid line per person.


Payments must be made by automatic Korean bank account transfer or with a Korean-issued credit card.

The name of the person paying must be the same as name of the mobile phone account holder.

The first month’s charges and discounts are calculated on a daily pro-rated basis from service start date.

In the event of default on payment, your account may be suspended and reported, limiting your ability to register for a new account with another company. A report will also be filled with credit bureaus, which may severely limit your ability to make transactions with other financial institutions.

Service Usage Period
Service may only be used up until the end of the sojourn period listed on one’s Certificate of Alien Registration. Service is automatically suspended after the end of this period. In order to avoid any interruption in service, ensure that your sojourn period remains updated. Visit an official kt retailer or kt Plaza or contact the Customer Service Center if you have any questions about your sojourn period status.

Changing or Canceling Services
In the event that you wish to change your phone number, or other parts of your service, bring your phone with you to an offi cial kt retailer or kt Plaza.

Rate plans may only be changed once per month. Rate plans can be changed by visiting an official kt retailer, kt Plaza, or the olleh homepage (http://www.olleh.com), or by contacting the Foreign Language Call Center by dialing 1583 (toll-free from a kt mobile phone).

Service cancelations must be carried out in person by visiting an offi cial kt retailer or kt Plaza.

It is prohibited in Korea to use communication services under another person’s name. The registered account holder is always legally liable for all such usage. Please do not give or lend your mobile phone to another person, and make sure to cancel your service before leaving the country.


Minors (those under 20 years of age) wishing to register for services or make a change to any services must visit a kt retailer with a legal representative and provide proof of identity with a government-issued document.

Questions about your service?

Mobile Services: Call 1583
(Toll-free from a kt mobile phone)
or (02) 2190-1180

Home Services: Call 1588-8448

For other ways to get customer service, click here.

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