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Activating Non-Korean Devices

In certain cases, kt services can work with a mobile phone brought to Korea from another country.
These non-Korean phones can be activated at a kt Global Store.

What to Prepare When Activating a Non-Korean Device

IMEI Number
Most mobile phones allow you to verify your IMEI number by entering #06#.
Keep in mind that once an IMEI registration has occurred, it cannot be altered in
any circumstances. 

Serial Number/Wi-Fi MAC Address 
Ordinarily, the serial number and Wi-Fi MAC address is located on the
device information screen. They can also be written on the label attached
to the body of the unit underneath the battery.

Korea Communications Commission Certificate (If Applicable)
If the desired device model has not received radio wave authorization in
Korea, the user must file a Broadcasting and Communications Equipment
Importation Report and bring a copy of it when opening an account. Importation status confirmation and reporting services are available at the Korea Communications Commission website (http://www.ekcc.go.kr).

Broadcasting and Communications Equipment Certificate (If Applicable)
Those wishing to open an account with more than one device must receive a
Broadcasting and Communications Equipment Certificate for each single device.
Visit the Korea Communications Commission Radio Research Agency website (http://rra.go.kr) for details on how to apply.

Please Note the Following When Activating a Non-Korean Device

Registration Limit

Non-Korean phone use is restricted to one unit per person. Customers wishing to register an additional unit must apply for a Broadcasting and Communications Equipment Certificate.

Supported Frequencies

The mobile phone must support 3G WCDMA 2100 MHz frequencies. Note that CDMA mobile phones are not compatible, as they are different from WCDMA phones.

Carrier Unlock

The device in question must be in “carrier unlock” status. Unlocking a mobile phone can only be done though the carrier from which the device was purchased.

Service Limitations

Depending on the model, some functions and/or services may not be supported.
(Ex. MMS, data use, visual voicemail, etc.)

Quality of Service

As Non-Korean phones have not been verified by a Korean communications company, call and/or network quality cannot be guaranteed. kt is not responsible for any usage charges resulting from improper or inadvertent network access by the device.

Network Compatibility

Service may be discontinued if the device causes impairment or damage to the network.

Korean Language Support

Customers cannot use SMS or MMS services that include Korean text if these services are not supported by the device.


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