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“The Universal LTE Band”, 1.8ghz

“The Universal LTE Band”, 1.8ghz



▶ Korea’s first carrier to support LTE roaming (Hong Kong, via China Mobile, Hutchinson, SmarTone)
▶ LTE International roaming possible in all service areas between Korea and Hong Kong

▶ A maximum of 5GB LTE data for customers who subscribe by November 30. 

KT ventures into a an LTE roaming agreement with carriers in Hong Kong, actively supporting CONEXUS, Asia’s largest roaming partnership organization.

KT (CEO Suk-chae Lee, www.kt.com) has announced on the 14th that they will start providing LTE data roaming services in Hong Kong via Hutchinson and SmarTone.  Along with China Mobile, this will make 3 carriers with which KT customers can user LTE data roaming in all regions of Hong Kong.  Previously, LTE roaming was only possible in certain regions of Hong Kong. 

With the largest nationwide network, KT uses the 1.8ghz band for their LTE services, a frequency which is currently most used by the carriers around the world, and as such, is receiving recognition from roaming partnership organizations. 

With the forming of this agreement, subscribers to KT, as the three Hong Kong providers China Mobile, Hutchinson, and SmarTone, will be able to use LTE roaming services in all LTE service areas throughout Korea and Hong Kong.

Also, customers who subscribed to KT LTE services after September 2012 will automatically roam in supported regions, and customers who subscribed previous to that date can receive a free software upgrade that will enable auto-roaming.


LTE roaming rates are charged at the same as 3G roaming rates (3.5 won per packet), but as a part of the launching promotion, customers who subscribe to “Unlimited data roaming” by November 31st, 2012 will receive up to 5GB of roaming data free.

“The 1.8ghz band that KT uses is becoming the ‘Universal LTE frequency’, making it the best to use for global roaming,” said KT Product Business Unit Head Kuk-hyun Kang, also stating a goal “to enable customers to more conveniently to roam in more countries.”

 ※ Appendix

LTE frequencies currently in use worldwide (As of November 2, 2012) 






Continually expanding, currently 43 carriers in 29 countries across Europe, Japan, Hong Kong

Two carriers in Korea

(SKT, LGU+) 


Auto roaming promotion




Promotion Details

Countries Supported



Subscribers to “Unlimited Data Roaming”

Up to 5GB of LTE data roaming per month free

 Hong Kong, Singapore


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