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Special Care Season 2 for iPhone Customers

iPhone 5:

The carrier for the largest number of iPhone subscribers in South Korea, KT is finally letting loose Apple iPhone 5 on the LTE WARP nationwide network! Introducing Special Care Season 2 for iPhone aficionados in South Korea. – 

Apple confirmed that iPhone 5 will support KT’s LTE network at its Sep.13 special event. For those excited about the prospect of the perfect match between iPhone 5 and South Korea’s fastest LTE network, we are happy to announce you the following benefits:


Fast and easy online pre-order and reservation system

for the present iPhone subscribers.

Pre-order and reservation can be done simply by submitting subscriber information and model selection.

Special rounds of iPhone reservation will be offered to the present subscribers.


Up to 520,000 won discount available through

iPhone buy-in program.

Turn in your old iPhone and get instant discount depending on the phone condition, which is available through the olleh Green Phone Buy-in Program.

Customers’ phones are examined and classified into 3 different grades depending on their conditions. You don’t have to turn in accessories.


The below table shows the factory price for iPhone 3GS/4/4S 16G. Additional information for 32G/64G will be announced upon the final confirmation on the release of iPhone5.

Buy- in Grade




iPhone 3GS 16G




iPhone 4 16G




iPhone 4S 16G




Phone Condition


Fine Condition, No damage


Buy in price as of Sep. 13


Additional discount

for KT’s premium iPhone subscribers when they upgrade handset.

Additional discount is offered depending on the previous monthly plan. (Excludes discount plan, data usage and international calls.)

The plan details to be announced later 


Want to enjoy iPhone 5 even before your current contract expires?

       Choose handset upgrade program by simply transferring your present contract to the 3rd party.     

Regardless of your contract expiration, transfer your contract to the 3rd party, all attached with remaining installment, with the recipient getting 30,000 won discount from the remaining installment.

Subscribers with their remaining contract less than 6 months can roll over cancellation charge and remaining contract to their new sponsor contract.


KT, the Right Place to buy iPhone

Special Care Season 2 for iPhone Aficionados.

It’s almost here. / olleh Smart.


KT has been leading the adoption of iPhone in South Korea.

KT has introduced entire line-up of iPhone models to South Korean customers since the phone’s first exclusive introduction in 2009.

iPhone 3GS: Exclusive introduction started on Nov. 28 2009.

iPhone 4: Exclusive introduction started on Sep. 10 2010.

iPhone 4S: Parallel introduction started on Nov. 11 2011.


KT boasts the best communication infrastructure customized for iPhone.


KT 74%, 2,600,000 subscribers.

KT’s iPhone market share in South Korea: 26%

The number of iPhone 3GS subscribers as of today: 430,000

The number of subscribers spanning over entire line up of iPhone models: 3,000

The largest number of iPhone subscribers, thanks to years of service knowhow.

KT offers the largest number of iPhone Apps.

The country’s only iPhone-dedicated service desk in operation. Click here for more.


KT’s iPhone reservation system keeps evolving.


KT introduced the country’s first SMS reservation system.

MO: The country’s first SMS reservation system!


Reservation at off-line stores  à  Online reservation  à  Evolution to SMS Reservation



Despite the surge in iPhone 4S reservation last November, KT’s customers expressed “satisfaction” at our service. Click here to read the related article by Media It.


“iPhone lived up to the hype--again. At 12 am, Nov. 4, KT and SK Telecom both started online reservation for iPhone 4S, poised to be released on Nov. 11. KT, which has so far been handling subscription of iPhones and iPads, is still accepting reservation, though slowly. However, SK Telecom saw its reservation system break down due to surge in reservation queries.”

Questions about your service?

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or (02) 2190-1180

Home Services: Call 1588-8448

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