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Introducing olleh Unlimited Auto Data Roaming!

Introducing olleh Unlimited Auto Data Roaming! Now you can select unlimited data roaming plan that best suits your travel style.

Ms. Jung, who travels to overseas destinations quite often, smartly uses various data-heavy services including Kakao Talk, facebook, maps and news updates. The roaming service of her choice has been olleh Unlimited Data Roaming. Unfortunately, requirement of roaming registration every time she gets to the airport was just a pain in the neck. She can now relieve herself with the newly released “olleh Unlimited Auto Data Roaming” program, which allows her to roam seamlessly across different international networks.


1.     What is olleh Unlimited Auto Data Roaming?


(1) olleh Unlimited Auto Data Roaming

With just 10,000 won per day, you can enjoy unlimited data roaming on 94 affiliated global service carriers, which have duplex or even triplex network configuration.

Once registration is completed, you can enjoy unlimited data every time you get out of the country without the hassle of on-site registration.


(2) Highly recommended for the following customers!

Mr. Jin who travels overseas on business trip year round.

Ms. Sohn who finds it the only pleasure in her life to pack for overseas travel when the time allows.

Mr. Song who sails to Japan almost every month despite the aftershock.


(3) Really? A single registration is all it takes?

Single registration settles your worries once and for all. Afterwards, 10,000 won per day will guarantee you unlimited data, which is renewed automatically once every 24 hours.


(4) Where do I sign up for the service?

ü  Olleh roaming call center: 1588-0608 / Roaming service desk in Incheon Int’l Airport, Gimpo Int’l Airport, Gimhae Int’l Airport.

ü  Customer center, olleh Plaza, Sales outlet



2.     olleh Unlimited Data Roaming vs. olleh Unlimited Auto Data Roaming

(1)    Let’s take a look at the difference from the present olleh Unlimited Data Roaming.



olleh Unlimited Data Roaming

Olleh Unlimited Auto Data Roaming

Recommended for

Customers traveling on a short overseas trip

Customers traveling overseas destinations frequently

Service Charge

KRW10,000 per day

Roaming Supported in:

94 affiliated carriers in 66 countries

Application of unlimited roaming

Data usage renewed every 24 hour as long as customer wants.

Data usage renewed every 24 hour starting from departing date and lasting until arrival home.

Service termination after use

Automatic service blocking once past the period preset by customer



(2)    Highly recommended for the following customers!

Customers who wish to share personal stories in real time.

Customers who wish to search tourist hot spots, restaurants and transportation fast

Customers who wish to stay online with friends all day long via messenger service

Customers who wish to search current location

A must-have service item for overseas travelers! Experience true value that exceeds 10,000 won.



Unlimited Data Roaming Service

Basic Price

KRW10,000 per day

3G Data

Unlimited access to 3G and GPRS network within affiliated service carrier in a given country

Wi-Fi Roaming

Unlimited use of Wi-Fi roaming service with your smart phone

Service Available in

A total of 66 countries in Asia, Europe, Africa and Oceania

*Service available for olleh KT subscribers who wish to use unlimited data in overseas countries with just 10,000won per day.


What are so special about olleh Unlimited Data Roaming?

      Unlimited data roaming for 24 full hours readily available from the moment customer wants. (Mar. 2012 ~)

      Auto blocking of roaming service after the service expires. (Mar. 2012~)

      Duplex or even triplex network configuration guarantees stable service in overseas destinations.

3.     Ready to sign up for olleh Unlimited Data Roaming?


è Registration:

Service Application

Report Service Duration

Service Use

1.     Airport olleh roaming service desk

2.     Roaming customer center: 1588-0608

3.     www.olleh.com

4.     Mobile customer center

Should your visiting county be included in the 66 countries covered by KT affiliated network, sign up for the service.

You can also reserve service before your departure.

After departure, use your unlimited data roaming service after setting the service carrier in your visiting country.


è How to extend service duration

Before Unlimited Data Roaming Service Expires

After Unlimited Data Roaming Service Expired

1.     Extend it at www.olleh.com or

2.     Extend it with KT mobile customer center app

1.     Roaming Call Center: +82-2190-0901 when calling from overseas

*You can extend the service only via the call center after the service expires, since the roaming service is blocked after service termination for safe data roaming.


è Don’t forget!

ü  Subscribers of 3G phone and 3G tablet computers including iPad can sign up for the plan.

ü  The service is not available for prepaid service plan.

ü  Data roaming service starts on the date and time assigned by customer, with the service being auto-renewed every 24 hours and auto-blocked after the service expires. If you extend the service, contact KT Roaming Call Center at +82-2-2190-0901.

ü  If you are already using the data roaming block service, you should unsubscribe for the service first to sign up for the Unlimited Data Roaming Service. And you cannot sign up for the similar data roaming service simultaneously.

ü  Once in the country you registered at departure, you cannot access service carrier other than the one you have already signed up for. Still, if you wish to, you should notify them when subscribing for the service. Note: Data roaming charge on non-affiliated service carrier is 3.5 won per 0.5KB, which is standard roaming service charge.

ü  If your roaming charge exceeds 100,000 won while connected with non-affiliated service carrier, the data roaming access is auto-blocked.

ü  If you are accessing the affiliated networks with phones other than iPhone and Google Nexus phone in the United States, Canada, Thailand, Guam and some other countries, the data access speed can be slow as the phone should access through GRPS rather than 3G due to lack of frequency support.

ü  If you want to use Unlimited Wi-Fi Roaming as well, sign up for the service at Roaming Center (1588-0608) or airport roaming service desk.


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Home Services: Call 1588-8448

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