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Choose the HD (high definition) TV channels that suit you! olleh TV [September use guide]

ChooseHD(High Definition) TV channels that suit you! Olleh TV~


1. olleh TV, choose the HD TV channels that suit you!

Choose the program you want, watch your preferred programs at any time, and watch programs again!

Choose the latest films, watch entire episodes of American dramas, or watch the drama you missed last night!

olleh TV provides about 120,000 contents – the largest scale in Korea


The largest number of HD channels is available in Korea!

90 HD channels (two times more than other providers) are available. HD channels are four times clearer than SD cable TV channels.

Choose olleh and catch up on your favorite soap drama last you missed night, or watch the latest film in your home! You can choose up to 130,000 past dramas, movies, educational programs and documentaries (the largest volume in Korea). olleh TV allows you to enjoy the largest number of HD TV channels in Korea at the time that works for you.


2. olleh TV subscription fee















No. of channels










3-year contract

\16,000 (\17,600)

\20,000 (\22,000)

\24,000 (\26,200)










3. Special personalized products available only in olleh TV

Do you want to watch olleh TV outside? Then, choose ollehtv now. If you want to serve your parents with devotion in a different way, we recommend olleh tv hyo (filial duty).


ㅇ olleh tv now - Do you want to watch olleh TV outside?


With this service, you can watch 50 real-time broadcasting channels as well as 24,000 (50,000 programs will be available by the end of 2012) VOD programs anytime and anywhere, using the PC, smartphone and tablet PC.

[Using olleh tv low cost - effectively]

Subscription type

Subscription fee

olleh Internet + TV + mobile or

olleh Internet + TV (above Standard type)

5,000 won per month (5,500 won)


olleh Internet + TV  or

olleh Internet + TV (above Economy type)

5,000 won per month (5,500 won)

2,000 won per month (2,200 won)



ㅇ olleh tv 'hyo' - Serve your parents with devotion, using olleh tv 'hyo'.


The service that enables subscribers to watch IPTV without an Internet connection.

* Subscription condition: New olleh TV subscribers over age 65.

* Use fee: Same as the fee for the olleh TV three-year contract.


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