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So Smart! So Easy! Smart Home Pad [September Use Guide]

Smart Home Pad


Live smarter with OS update!

Pre-installed necessary daily life services make it easy and convenient!


1. So Smart! So Easy! Smart Home Pad


Smart Home Pad is an intelligent service that supports both voice call and text transmissions such as SMS and MMS, and provides various life information and multimedia services, using a tablet PC (Galaxy Tab 8.9 WiFi), instead of the home phone.


Basic services of Smart Home Pad]


Life Jockey that catches your mood.

This service recommends music that matches your mood,, news to watch, and discount coupons you might need.


Vivid video call – Smart Home Call

You can clearly see the face you want, and share text, pictures, Paint and web screens with the call receiver.


ollehtv now– TV for me only.

Smart Home Pad changes any place in your home into a a theater!

With olleh tv now, you can enjoy 24,000 VOD contents and 60 real-time broadcasting channels.


Collecting the application that fits you only - Recommended App

Recommend App suggests the necessary service for you, when you want to use Smart Home Pad in more diverse ways.


2. Smart Home Pad OS update news


Smart Home Pad becomes smarter with Ice Cream Sandwich!

 ∙Incredibly increased Internet speed and a soft touch sensor.

 ∙Quick, easy unlocking using the face recognition function (Face unlock).

 ∙The enhanced multitasking capability simultaneously runs several services on a single screen.

 ∙Intuitive and more convenient user interface.


Incredibly increased Internet speed and a soft touch response system! The face recognition function (Face Unlock) makes unlocking faster and easier. Furthermore, the multitasking function that runs several services on a single screen at the same time will make your life smarter. (*To be updated in September.)


3. Smart Home Pad price and use fee


Rate system




36-month contract

24,160 won/month (\26,570)

\23,160 /month (\25,470 won)

24,160 won/ month (\26,570)

24-month contract

32,750 won/ month (\36,020)

\31,750 / month (\34,920)

32,750 won/month (\36,020)

Available services

100-minute free call, Life Jockey, ollehtv now, ollehWiFi Single

100-minute free call, Life Jockey, ollehtv now, WiBro (10GB)

100-minute free call, Life Jockey, ollehtv now, Telecop


* Notes:

 - Use fee indication method: Fee without VAT (fee including VAT).

 - The terminal price is included.

 - The surrender value will be charged if the service is cancelled during the contract period.

 - The Internet connection fee is not included.

 - When the Internet connection fee is included: ollehWiFi Single (\6,000), WiBro (\5,000), Telecop (\6,000)

 - WiBro: 10,000 won subscription fee will be charged.

 - Telecop: 1,000 won/month will be charged as an equipment lease charge (optional), dispatch request – \50,000/case, \12,000 won will be charged for each detector to be added.

 - Other Internet service providers’ user will be charged with \2,000 service use fee, and \1,500  for home hub lease (upon request from the customer).

 - Other Internet service provider users cannot subscribe for the Telecom rate system.

 - The service fee can be paid one or two years in advance. If paid in advance, additional discount benefits will be given.


4. Smart Home Pad A/S information


Smart Home Pad uses Galaxy Tab 8.9 from Samsung Electronics for the service. Therefore, Samsung Electronics will provide the A/S. For more details, contact Smart Home Call Center (080-237-7979) or Samsung Electronics A/S Center.

Questions about your service?

Mobile Services: Call 1583
(Toll-free from a kt mobile phone)
or (02) 2190-1180

Home Services: Call 1588-8448

For other ways to get customer service, click here.

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