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A SIMple Way to Top-up Your Prepaid Phone!

A SIMple Way to Top-up Your Prepaid Phone!

KT SIMple Prepaid services, available at olleh.com and at over 3,000 kt retailers nationwide, have just gotten even SIMpler!  Now you can top-up your account anywhere and any time at one of  over 20,000 convenience stores across the country!


1.  SIMple Prepaid - As easy to use as a bus/subway transit card!


Add credit to your account by going to any CU (Formerly “FamilyMart”), Buy the Way, 7-11, GS-25, or Mini-stop and purchase a 10,000 won, 30,000 won, or 50,000 won credit voucher to add to your prepaid service.


olleh SIMple Prepaid does not have any activation fees, monthly charges, or contract periods, meaning that you can choose exactly how much you spend, and is also perfect for children, parents, or anyone else who may not use their mobile phones very often.

Remember, when adding 30,000 won or 50,000 won to your prepaid line, you will receive an extra 100 or 200 minutes of in-network mobile minutes, so you can talk with your loves ones even longer!

What is SIMple Prepaid?

SIMple prepaid is a mobile phone service that you use like a metro transit card.  Top-up your account with however much you want to use, and talk time, texts, and data are used from that balance as you go.



Convenient and Inexpensive!


No activation fees.  No monthly charges.  No contracts.

Longer usage periods and free in-network mobile to mobile calling.
Many different ways to top-up your account.

Perfect for:

 · People who need a second phone for personal or business use!

 · People who don’t use their mobile phones a lot!

 · People who mainly need to receive phone calls (Younger children, etc)


Get SIMple Prepaid at any of our KT Global Stores, or at over 3,000 kt retailers nationwide:

 · KT Global Stores

 · Or any other KT retailer nationwide



Any of the following phones are compatible with SIMple Saver


- Phones with an “olleh”, or “SHOW” logo (3G or LTE)
Phones originally used with SK Telecom (Must be a phone manufactured after July 2008.  MMS not available with SK Telecom mobile phones.)
- Unlocked 3G / WCDMA compatible mobile phones brought from other countries

Don’t have a phone?  Pick up an Olleh Green Phone online or at select retailers.

※  An LTE USIM must be used in order to use LTE service.  Although SK Telecom LTE phones may be used with SIMple Prepaid, only 3G service is available.  LG Telecom phones are not compatible with SIMple Prepaid.

Credit Added 

10,000 won 

20,000 won 

30,000 won

50,000 won 

Usage Period

60 days 

120 days 

180 days 

365 days 

Free In-network Mobile to Mobile Minutes



100 minutes 

200 minutes 

STEP 1. Purchase a SIMple Prepaid USIM card

Visit any of our KT Global Stores, or over 3,000 kt retailers nationwide.


Fill out the short application form, and the customer service representative will activate your card.  Shouldn’t take long, even as quick as 5 minutes!

If you’re not quite sure how much you want to top-up to your account, you can purchase just the USIM card, and add credit at a convenience store later.

STEP 2. Adding Credit to Your Account

- Credit can be added by purchasing a PIN voucher at any of over 20,000 convenience stores nationwide, in increments of 10,000 won, 30,000 won, and 50,000 won.

- Participating convenience stores include:  7-11, Buy the Way, CU (formerly FamilyMart), GS25, Ministop

Simply ask for a "SIMple prepaid PIN voucher", and add it to your account by entering:    # + 1 + PIN + "Send/Call"

You will receive a text notification as soon as the top-up is completed, informing you of your total remaining balance, as well as its expiration date.


You will also receive notifications of your remaining balance after every phone call, so you can always keep tabs on your usage.

Olleh SIMple!  No more worrying about making it to a cell phone store to top-up, or about contracts and activation fees!  Whether for a short visit to Korea, business use, or even for those simply wanting to save on their monthly mobile phone bills, choose olleh simple and take control of your mobile spending!

Questions about your service?

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or (02) 2190-1180

Home Services: Call 1588-8448

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