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KT launches LTE WARP - Galaxy rate plan

KT launches LTE WARP Galaxy rate plan




▶ Korea’s first LTE roll over service to be offered 
▶ Korea’s largest amount of free minutes, 3,000 minutes of in-network calling to be offered
▶ Free flip covers to be offered to customers who subscribe to LTE WARP Galaxy Plans with Galaxy S3 until Sep 28.        

KT launches new LTE pricing plans allowing data roll over as the country’s first carrier. 
KT (Chairman, Lee, Suk-Chae, www.kt.com) announced to release new LTE WARP Galaxy rate plans (LTE-G650, LTE-G750), which allow data roll-over, beginning on August 1. 
'LTE-G650 Plan’ belonging to the new LTE WARP Galaxy plans offers 6GB data, 350 minutes, and 350 text messages. 'LTE-G750 Plan’ offers 10GB data, 450 minutes, and 450 text messages. The new LTE WARP Galaxy plans allow customers who are subscribed until Dec 31 to enjoy the country’s first LTE data roll over, which brings huge benefits to heavy data-using customers, in particular.

For example, if a LTE-G650 customer uses only 3GB out of 6GB of data for August, the combined total of present and unused data, which is 9GB, will be available in the following month of September. 

These new LTE plans offer an option to automatically shut off data after excessive use so that customers can prevent overage charges. Customers, however, can select either of two options: data roll over or auto data blocking. 
Plus, LTE WARP Galaxy Plans offer 3,000 minutes of in-network calling. As 3,000 minutes are equivalent to KRW 324,000, this promotion is expected to be beneficial to heavy data usage customers in particular.
Free voice minutes of in-network callings, one of benefits affecting those who subscribed to LTE-520/620/720 Plans until July, are no longer available to customers who subscribe to the plans in Aug, and for the convenience of customers, the subscribers of LTE-850 and LTE-1000 can still enjoy 3,000 in-network voice minutes.    
KT also provides a free flip cover to a customer who subscribes to LTE WARP Galaxy Plans with Galaxy S3 until Sep 28.
Son, Hee-Nam, general manager of KT Product Planning, said, “KT provides the data rollover benefit to LTE customers so that they can use data more efficiently and economically,” adding, “KT will continue developing services to meet customer satisfaction goals.”



LTE WARP Galaxy Rate Plan (LTE-G650/G750)







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