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KT to roll out 'HD Voice' (VoLTE) nationwide on the world's first commerical LTE network

KT to roll out 'HD Voice' (VoLTE) nationwide on the world's first commerical LTE network




▶ The world’s first demonstrated 'mobile VoLTE'
▶ 'LTE WARP Advanced' provided by world's leading virtualization technology 
▶ The world’s first commercialization of 'ABC (Always Best Connected)' service in September to provide the seamless connectivity between LTE/3G and Wi-Fi
▶ Country’s first roll over service for unused data and new LTE plans to be launched 
KT transforms Korea into 'HD Mobile Wonderland’



KT announced 'HD Mobile Wonderland’ strategy, the LTE WARP Advanced service.


KT (Chairman, Lee, Seok-Chae, www.kt.com) opened a press conference to announce 'HD Mobile Wonderland "strategy made possible through the advancement of LTE WARP and 3W networks on the 17th of July at Gwanghwamun Olleh Square.

KT completed building a nationwide network for LTE services within four months after service launch, surpassing one million LTE subscribers in the world’s shortest period of time as compared to its competitors. Finally, KT received the best communication common carrier award in the LTE area during the LTE World Summit 2012 last May, gaining the worldwide recognition with its superior technology and rapid market expansion in the LTE area.

Responding to the customers with confidence with its LTE technology, KT plans to develop premium services that LTE customers truly look forward to and implement 'HD Mobile Wonderland', which is the evolved form of 'LTE WARP Advanced' and the existing 3W (WCDMA, Wifi, WiBro).

■ 'LTE WARP Advanced (advanced)' services made possible with the world's leading virtualization technology

'LTE WARP Advanced' is the advanced LTE WARP technology including ▲ VoLTE virtualization ▲ the multi-carrier and carrier aggregation (Carrier Aggregation) ▲ quad antenna ▲ one chip femtocell ▲ large-scale virtualized CCC.

First,  KT names a high-quality voice call service as 'HD Voice’ to which the most optimum 'virtualized VoLTE’ technology minimizing the radio signal interference between LTE base stations is adopted and launches trials of the service on July 21, with around 300 university students and office workers across the country selected for the pilot. In October, HD Voice will be widely available to all the customers.

There is a concern that VoLTE call quality could be lowered in the border area due to the nature of LTE network that is structured more tightly than the existing 3G network. KT proved its LTE WARP be the best optimized to VoLTE by implementing the 'mobile VoLTE’ to connect a vehicle which was moving along Kyung-In waterway with Olleh Gwanghwamun Square . 


* Hear the difference with HD Voice *


In addition, multicarrier LTE technology which improves the voice call quality with efficient use of available bandwidth between 1.8GHz and 900MHz will be adopted from Seoul metropolitan area. Starting in the third quarter of next year, carrier aggregation, which bundles two frequency bands as one broad band, will be adopted and the network speeds of up to 150Mbps will be achieved.

KT is the world's first carrier to demonstrate quad antenna technology which doubles the number of existing base station transmitters from 2 to 4, being capable of transferring data to multiple users simultaneously. During the fourth quarter of this year the technology is expected to be applied to improve the capacity of wireless network to 80
In addition, KT was the first carrier who commercialized one chip LTE femtocell, a compact base station with single-chip modem and CPU, last June, offering faster network speeds indoor and underground buildings, traffic congestion in the downtown area having high volume of traffic.

KT has currently increases the network speeds two times faster than normal LTE by bundling 144 base stations together as one through LTE WARP virtualization technology, and will also boost the network quality by expanding the scale of virtualization with increase in the number of base stations to 1000 from the third quarter of next year. 

■ Total network service to be provided through integration of LTE/3G and Wi-Fi services and improved

KT is planning to integrate LTE with 3W total networks by upgrading 'ABC (Always Best Connected) services' and 'HD Wi-Fi' and provide seamless high quality HD services. In September ABC (Always Best Connected) service enabling the world's first seamless integration between LTE/3G and Wi-Fi networks will be commercialized. Once ABC service is applied, one of the most optimal connections amongst LTE/3G/Wi-Fi network can be automatically selected and data transfer continues without interruptions so that customers can seamlessly enjoy video streaming or file transfer.

KT as the country’s first carrier commercialized Wi-Fi carrier aggregation (WiFi CA) technology last June having two Wi-Fi frequency bands grouped together so as to boost speeds up to 150Mbps, which is nearly double its normal speed,  into 20,000 premium Wi-Fi zones. In addition, KT plans to implement the AP automatic selection technology (Good WiFi Selector) which can select the best access point in range considering the volume of user traffic from November this year. KT is also seeking the evolution of 4G WiBro into 'HD WiBro' services.

■ Implementation of true 'HD Mobile Wonderland' with premium 'HD service' and 'HD content'


KT is expected to implement a true 'HD Mobile Wonderland’ by providing HD content based on such reliable networks.

First, RCS (Rich Communication Suite) service, 'Joyn’, will be introduced in October this year. Through 'Join' voice and video files can be sent at the same time, and 1-on-1 and inter-group chats and data (content) transfer are also possible.

Also, in November, the video quality of Olleh TV Now offering 60 real-time channels and 24,000 VOD titles will be improved from the existing 500Kbps to (HD-level) 2Mbps, and, from August, video clips of Olleh School, which is a SNS based learning application for students, will be upgraded with HD visuals. Additionally, a variety of LTE mobile games with HD graphics have been launched in the Olleh market, and high-end HD game line ups are also ready to be launched in the second half of the year.

■ KT launches data rollover and new LTE pricing plans offering the largest amount of free call minutes

KT will release a new data rollover promotion plan for handsets running on the LTE networks beginning on August 1 and LTE global roaming services as well.

KT released LTE-1250 Plan offering 25GB data, 1,250 minutes of free calls, and unlimited voice calls within KT network in July. In August, KT will launch LTE-G650 Plan, which offers 6GB data, 350 minutes of free calls, and unlimited voice calls of 3,000 minutes within KT network as well as LTE-G750 Plan to provide 10GB data, 450 minutes of free calls, and 3,000 unlimited minutes within KT network. Particularly, the new LTE plan allows the country’s first LTE data roll over.

In addition, KT plans to launch global automatic roaming services utilizing two global frequencies such as 1.8GHz whose commercialization is done by 23 operators in 18 countries around the world including KT and 2.6GHz whose commercialization is ongoing in most European countries.

First, KT will provide LTE data roaming services for travelers from Hong Kong to Korea and vice versa from July 17 in partnership with Hong Kong's  CMHK (China Mobile Hong Kong), and also expand its service countries in Asia and Europe, collaborating with the Asia’s largest association of roaming service providers, CONEXUS. 
LTE roaming services charge the same rate of 3.5 won per packet as 3G data roaming services, offering monthly free LTE data of up to 5GB to customers who subscribe to the unlimited data roaming plan until August 31. "Robust network building to support reliable services has become critical in response to a surge in demand for virtual goods with HD visuals,” said Pyo, Hyeon-Myeong, KT’s president. "KT, who has experienced the first explosion of 3G data use, will make Korea a true 'HD Mobile Wonderland’ through its total network.” 




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