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Girls’ Generation comes back with their new song ‘I Got a Boy!'


[Genie K-POP] THE One and Only App for K-POP! Genie K-POP!

Are you a fan of K-Pop? Then why not be a fan of Genie!

“Genie” Delivers K-POP to 45 Countries, Across Six Continents

Why your next iPhone should be a KT iPhone!

Get your iPhone 5 faster!

Pre-order your iPhone 5 today!

BYOi, Bring Your Own iPhone!

“The Universal LTE Band”, 1.8ghz

iPad 4th Generation, iPad Mini, coming to KT LTE

Thinking about signing up for mobile phone service?  Call Us!

KT to provide the country’s first LTE automatic roaming service to its all mobile customers

Get up to 560,000 won off your next iPhone!

Special Care Season 2 for iPhone Customers

Introducing olleh Unlimited Auto Data Roaming!

The number of high-speed Internet subscribers hits 8 million for the first time in Korea!

No.1 in Korea in both call quality and Internet phone!

olleh home phone/Internet phone

With my kid's smart robot, Kibot2, kids can learn while playing.

Choose the HD (high definition) TV channels that suit you! olleh TV

[September use guide]


So Smart! So Easy! Smart Home Pad [September Use Guide]

A SIMple Way to Top-up Your Prepaid Phone!

KT launches LTE WARP - Galaxy S3 rate plan


KT to roll out 'HD Voice' (VoLTE) nationwide on the world's first commerical LTE network


Pricing and Launch Information for the Samsung Galaxy S3 LTE!

Global KT! Introducing KT’s “Special” Services for Foreign Subscribers!

Genie, a new world of music! Subscription and Payment

WiBro 4G Egg Rentals - A Smartphone's Best Friend!

Using your device has never been SIMpler—olleh SIMple!

Introducing KT’s new WiBro 4G data plans!

Why you should choose KT for your next LTE phone!

The Fastest Nationwide LTE Network in Korea, olleh LTE WARP!

KT LTE WARP Receives the World’s Best LTE Communication Carrier Award

Keep your phone in tip-top condition at the “Olleh Green Phone Clinic”

A new world of digital music, "Genie"

Save Money by SIMply picking up a SIM Card

The "New iPad", coming soon to KT

Need a mobile phone only for a few days? Rent one from KT

Exploring the kt Expat Blog

How does pricing work for phones in Korea?

KT establishes LTE Network at WARP speed! <National LTE WARP Coverage Map>

Dedicated iPhone A/S Centers

Japan Roaming Saver Seven-Day Pass

24-Hour Unlimited Data Roaming!

Unlimited Data Roaming Service to 46 Countries for just 10,000 KRW per Day

Introducing CCC, a Solution to Optimize the Wireless Network Environment

Grand Opening Event! Hongik University Global Store (Dec. 23rd~25th)

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