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Global KT! Introducing KT’s “Special” Services for Foreign Subscribers!

It is a global age! People from a variety of countries are traveling the world or staying in countries away from home. South Korea started to see an increasing number of foreigners in the country, either simply traveling or staying for an extended period. And people are being connected over social network services with other people regardless of their nationality. Now, we introduce you olleh KT’s own services that will definitely go well with the current trend.

1.     KT Expat Blog : http://expatblog.kt.com/



Communication comes first wherever you go, so you look for local services in the visiting country. However, language barriers would make it difficult for you to get information you need. Not anymore! It is only natural that any service providers should be ready to deal with such inquiries, not to mention with their Internet webpage. olleh KT’s EXPAT BLOG is the answer foreign expats have been looking for! The blog contains comprehensive information about KT services, as well as the well-designed menu to help foreign visitors navigate them conveniently.


The blog consists of four top menus: KT Global Stores, Short-term Residents, Long-term Residents and Customer Support. You can get the exact information you need depending on the type of your stay in South Korea.


2.     Twitter for Expats: @olleh_expats


Need more in-depth answers? Or have something you want KT to listen to?

If you want to talk with olleh Mobile at anytime and anywhere, then follow KT’s Twitter for Expats @olleh_expats. In the KT’s Twitter for Expats, foreign customers can get assistances in English language wherever you are. Whether you are in South Korea or anywhere in the world, send your Tweet inquiries to @olleh_expats. You will get the answers you want easy and fast.


3.     KT Offline Store for Expats: KT Global Store


olleh KT runs KT Global Store, an offline store designed to help foreign customers struggling with language barrier when they use local services. KT’s dedicated consultants fluent in English and other languages are there to help you with friendly and convenient service when you need to activate a mobile phone in South Korea.


Let’s have a look at KT Global Store now. 


I could easily locate service lounge with the help of friendly KT staff.

As the KT Global Store is always crowded with lots of customers, it was necessary to pick up my queuing number and wait until my number is called. Like its namesake, KT Global Store was crowded with lots of foreign visitors. In the corner of the service lounge were displayed some of the latest mobile devices I can try my hands on for free, a nice way to kill time before my queuing number is called. Ever after what they came for were solved, many people were still relaxing in the lounge playing with the smart devices,

What is this café for? This is the Mobile Lounge located in the second floor of the KT Global Store. There is Home Lounge across the café as well. The Mobile Lounge was designed to allow visitors to experience KT’s mobile service by accessing olleh Wi-Fi hotspots, while the Home Lounge is a space where you can have a sneak look at KT’s home-based services. As is the case with the Smart Experience hall located in the first floor, this space is open to anyone. You can relax in the comfortable setting and play with some smart devices. 

4.     Guidebooks and Assorted Forms Available In Multiple Languages


Chris visited the KT Global Store with an olleh Mobile Genius and could enjoy services which were carefully designed for foreign customers. The first thing he found was a guidebook and assorted forms in multiple languages and a KT consultant fluent in English!


Dedicated service consultants fluent in English and other languages are in the KT Global Store to help foreign customers. 

Assorted forms in multiple languages, from English to Chinese!

Let me walk you through with an iPad guidebook~

English-speaking consultants as well as assorted forms available in English, Chinese and Japanese are there for your service. The guidebooks are also prepared in multiple languages to help foreign customers.

Please don’t hesitate to stop by the KT Global Store whenever you need assistance!


With the introduction of the Blacklist Rule last May, customers can buy unlocked phones distributed by the manufacturers and subscribe for the service carrier they want. Customers can also enjoy KT service without any worry about subscribing for a new plan with the following services, including olleh ‘SIMple Charge’ which is a prepaid service plan.  


No worries! Activate your unlocked phone with olleh SIMple plans.

A variety of USIM service plans like SIMple Charge and SIMple Saving are available now.

Your unlocked phone will be activated in just 30 minutes when you buy SIMple plans. Plus, the same day delivery of USIM chip is available.



Using your device becomes so SIMple just with USIM—olleh SIMple!


No matter what type of device you have, you can subscribe for the following service plans only with USIM.


[SIMple Charge]

Just as with the transportation card, you can recharge desired amount of money with the SIMple Charge plan. No subscription fee, base plan or contract is required, and you can talk with other olleh mobile users as long as the charged amount allows.


[SIMple Saving]

It is a service in which 20 % of the monthly paid amount is saved as points, so that you can use them when you buy a new phone.


[SIMple Discount]

If you buy one year or two year contract, you will get a partial discount of your monthly bill.


1.     Foreign Language Call Center: 1583


In olleh KT Foreign Language Call Center, dedicated staffs offer assistance in four languages—Korean, English, Japanese and Chinese. The call center is open for service from 9am to 7pm on weekdays.

*In South Korea, dial 02-2190-1188(free calls) and 1583 from your mobile.

*In overseas countries, dial +82-2-2190-0901. (free calls from KT roaming phone)


2.     English Monthly Billing Statements and Usage Alerts


Of course, follow-up assistances to foreign subscribers are offered, not to mention the basic assistance at the activation. The billing statements written in Korean may have been difficult for you to grasp the meaning of the detailed information. olleh KT sends you an additional billing statement written in English, along with the existing one written in Korean.


And on every 15th day every month, the total billed amount will be alerted to your mobile phone. Please don’t forget that expat subscribers can receive a text usage alert in English. (you cannot get the mobile billing statement and mailed billing statement at the same time.)   

Questions about your service?

Mobile Services: Call 1583
(Toll-free from a kt mobile phone)
or (02) 2190-1180

Home Services: Call 1588-8448

For other ways to get customer service, click here.

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