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WiBro 4G Egg Rentals - A Smartphone's Best Friend!

The WiBro 4G egg allows Wi-Fi connection for up to three devices. However, if you are going to stay in South Korea for a short period or forced to use it only for a few days, you will most likely be reluctant to commit yourself to a contract. If so, rent a WiBro egg at KT store. KT rents you egg at 8,000 won per day in 82 cities nationwide. Don’t miss this opportunity to use unlimited internet without buying an egg.


Introduction of service

WiBro 4G egg rental service lets you use unlimited internet at 8,000 won a day. Available for rent for individual and business user, you need to show your photo I.D and pay deposit to rent one.


Rental models



Rental model

Rental fee per day


Data limit

WiBro modem

5,000 won

100,000 won


WiBro universal modem

(3G +WiMax)

8,000 won

150,000 won


(Mobile Wi-Fi)

8,000 won

150,000 won


è  If you rent a KT rental phone at the same time, WiBro rental fee will be discounted by 10%.

è  If you rent it for more than 11 days, 50% discount is applied for the use after the 11th day. For instance, if you rented WiBro modem for 15 days, the total rental fee is 62,500 won. (50,000won for 10 days + 12,500 for 5 days)

è  Egg: The device allows Wi-Fi connection for up to 5 devices including smart phones and tablets.

è  If you lost or damaged the rented egg, separate charge will be billed.


How to use service

You can rent it in key airports in Korea—Incheon Int’l Airport, Gimpo Int’l Airport, City Airport and Gimhae Int’l Airport. In the Seoul city area, you can rent it at City Airport or Samseong Station.


For more information:

Click http://roaming.kt.com/use/rental_wibro.asp



Q1. Can I know the upload/download speed of WiBro egg?

A1. The maximum speed of olleh WiBro 4G is as follows:





olleh WiBro






*WiBro is the service brand of KT’s Wimax designed based on IEEE 802.16e specification.


Q2. What is WiBro 4G?

A2. A wireless broadband service based on WiBro network, it allows users to enjoy high-speed internet surfing.


Q3. What document do I need to rent a WiBro 4G egg?

A3. Your photo I.D or business registration form and deposit (cash or credit card). 

Questions about your service?

Mobile Services: Call 1583
(Toll-free from a kt mobile phone)
or (02) 2190-1180

Home Services: Call 1588-8448

For other ways to get customer service, click here.

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