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Why you should choose KT for your next LTE phone!

The Fastest Nationwide LTE Network in Korea, olleh LTE WARP!


LTE is here finally! Why you should choose KT for your next LTE phone. 

KT announced on April 23rd, 2012 in Haeundae and Busan the completion of KT LTE WARP nationwide network which covers 84 cities. The company is currently expanding the network to remaining rural districts. With a genuine LTE nationwide network firmly in place, the rules of the game have now shifted from the network coverage to speed and quality, turning the sabre-rattling so far into a genuine sword-fighting. KT would like to show you why KT champions the country’s LTE innovation. KT promises our customers to provide the most advanced LTE service the world over.


KT was awarded the ‘Best LTE Service Carrier’ in the LTE Awards 2012 for LTE WARP service.


In the LTE World Summit 2012 held on May 23 in Barcelona, Spain, KT was awarded the Most Significant Development of Commercial LTE Network by an Operator in the ‘LTE Awards 2012’ for its LTE WARP, demonstrating its technological excellence and global reputation in the LTE area.


1.     Date: May 23rd, 2012

2.     Host organization: Informa Telecom and Media(ITM), a world-renowned telecom media market research firm

3.     Summary of KT’s Award

è  Event: LTE World Summit 2012

è  Category: LTE Awards 2012

è  Award:           Most Significant Development of Commercial LTE Network by an Operator

4.     Background

1)    Key contributing factor: LTE WARP

KT succeeded in commercializing the network virtualization technology in LTE, the first in the world. It also constructed a nationwide LTE network in the shortest period, while accomplishing the fastest data communication speed by distributing its network overload.

2)    Implication:

LTE WARP is well prepared to handle network overload due to an explosion of data communication, and it ensures a mobile communication speed about two times faster than the conventional LTE by minimizing interference between the cells.

LTE WARP is the optimal technology to guarantee a reliable VoLTE service in the LTE network which has a lot of bordering zones due to a small size of network cells.

For more information, click à KT was awarded the ‘Best LTE Service Carrier’ for LTE WARP


Another reason why KT is the LTE of your choice is the most generous voice and data allowance in the market which is provided by LTE WARP service plans. For more detailed information about the LTE WARP service plans, click the post below:


[LTE WARP service plan explained]  à With double the data, LTE WARP provides the most generous voice and data allowance in the market.


KT also produced TV commercials in which the slim possibility of depleting the monthly data allowance by KT WARP service plan was portrayed in the three new short films listed below, which were produced in a tongue-in-cheek style:



KT olleh LTE WARP-- New TV Commercials

The most generous voice and data allowance in the market


Commercial 1: ‘The probability of a lion to feed on grasses’

Commercial 2: ‘The probability of finding a pearl while eating a clam’

Commercial 3: ‘The probability of fishing a mermaid’


1.     The LTE WARP nationwide network in 84 cities, including KTX bullet trains


With the completion of the world’s first cloud-and-software-based LTE WARP nationwide network, KT has built the mobile wonderland, providing the fastest and most reliable 4G LTE service. The company is expanding the network to other rural areas. 


<LTE WARP Nationwide Coverage Map>



2.     KT Has Built LTE Network at a WARPing pace!


KT finished the construction of LTE WARP nationwide network in 84 cities and KTX bullet trains in just 4 months by simply plugging in LTE communication equipment to the existing 4G CCC cell towers, a remarkable feat realized by KT’s top landline infrastructure and knowhow in wireless technology. The speed is nearly three times faster than that of the competing service operators, as it took them more than 11 months to complete the task.


3.    KT’s WARPing LTE data communication speed!


LTE WARP, designed with the network virtualization technology based on the cloud and software, ensures a mobile data communication speed over two times faster than the existing LTE service. And according to a network speed test in early April, which was conducted in 126 zones throughout the country participated by KT customers, KT’s LTE WARP beat the competing network operators 4,193 times out of 5,411 trials, 77% winning rate, while the average speed was about 38Mbps, roughly 1.7 times faster than the competitions.  


*LTE WARP Challenge! Comparison of Average LTE Network Speed by Region as of May 25th, 2012

è  Dates: Based on the data measured from May 21st to 25th, 2012

è  How we measured: Three Samsung Galaxy Note smart phones were used in 100 olleh stores throughout the country to test the speed of wireless internet by using Bench Bee, a smart phone app to test wireless internet speed.

è  Total number of test: 5,411 incidents

è  Calculation of average speed: Download speeds of three LTE service operators, measured using Samsung Galaxy Note smart phones during the period by the customers who participated in the WARP Challenge, were averaged.


*What is WARP Challenge?

Click here à a speed challenge in 100 olleh stores throughout the country (see participating stores)

*The measured results are subject to change pending the environment of LTE wireless internet at the time of the test. The participating stores are subject to change pending the weather and operation schedule of each store.


4.    Differentiated Services of LTE WARP


1)    Coupled with the most generous data/voice allowance in the market, various service plans custom-designed for the subscribers expand the number of options customers can choose from.

KT provides up to 10,000 voice call minutes for the intra-network calls, as well as doubling the data allowance of LTE WARP beginning from April 1st, providing the most generous amount of voice and data allowance.


KT will keep releasing a variety of LTE service plans that best fits the needs of customers, including those designed for the junior customers, the senior customers and the disabled, as well as LTE WARP style plan, dramatically expanding the array of service option customers can choose from.


(2)LTE WARP Service Plan Custom-designed for Each Customer Need


You can choose a plan that best suits your need depending on your age.


LTE WARP Service Plan for the juniors


Service plan





Monthly bill

19,000 won

24,000 won

34,000 won

42,000 won



1,000 won

7,000 won

11,000 won

Actual charge

19,000 won

23,000 won

27,000 won

31,000 won

Flexible amount






10,000 Al units, about 666 text messages






*Released in Apr. 2012


LTE WARP Service Plan for the seniors


Service plan



Monthly bill

15,000 won

27,500 won



7,500 won

Actual charge

15,000 won

20,000 won

Voice call

Flexible amount 13,000


Video call 100 min (intra-network call)

Flexible amount 20,000


Video call 100 min (intra-network call)

Video call





*Released in Apr. 2012


1)    Splurge your data on the ocean of contents with the world’s best LTE+3W total network


With the mobile Wi-Fi in buses and subways built with 4G WiBro, as well as the world’s largest olleh Wi-Fi network with over 200,000 hotspots nationwide, KT customers can download a unlimited amount of fat data--for free.

In Seoul, the greater Seoul area and Busan, Premium Public Egg, which is about five times faster than the conventional Wi-Fi and allows up to 80 simultaneous accesses, was installed. Together with the Mobile Wi-Fi in 1,100 bus lines nationwide, LTE WARP subscribers can download an unlimited amount of data--faster and for free.

KT practically blanketed Jeju Island, a world-renowned tourist destination, with 4G WiBro and 2,136 olleh Wi-Fi zones along the olleh trails, together with nearly 97% of LTE WARP coverage per population, helping the islanders and visitors to Jeju enjoy a perfect total network.

1)    Rich music and video content service such as ‘Genie Pack’, ‘olle TV Now Pack’ 


KT provides subscribers with ‘Genie Pack’ and ‘olleh TV Now Pack’, which contain rich multimedia content such as music and video.


Cloud-based Music Service – Genie Pack

Unlimited Stream of 1.5million songs at 4,000 won per month




Genie Pack

M service of Operator B

U.I design

Store + Player

Centered on Player

Centered on Player


Music downloads

Music streaming

Music streaming

Service charge

300 won, 600 won per song

*Variable from 10~30,000 won

4,000 won

including data traffic

6,000 won

including data traffic

Price set by:

Music rights holder

Service Operator

Service Operator


3 full previews for KT members &

40 downloads for free

Unlimited streaming for paying customers

+ 40 downloads for free

Unlimited streaming for paying customers

1minunite preview for non-paying customers

Content 1

1 million songs

1.5 million songs

1.8 million songs

Content 2

Album arts, music video and exclusive video, as well as songs




Can purchase with Star and BC Top points soon

Can purchase with T-cash

Beginning from May 31st, 2012, KT provides ‘olleh Navi 3.0’ which is optimized for LTE WARP, and allows subscribers to download map data via 3G and LTE, as well as Wi-Fi. It provides more accurate and convenient navigation service by redesigning the UI and UX to better suit the customers.


Four olleh LTE apps including olleh Ucloud, olleh Record Up, olleh Text Up and olleh Photo Up, in which you can backup and retrieve photos, texts, emails anytime and anywhere, were redesigned with more sensual texture and improved user experience for the subscribers of LTE WARP.



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