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Keep your phone in tip-top condition at the “Olleh Green Phone Clinic”

Keep your phone in tip-top condition at the “Olleh Green Phone Clinic”

▶ KT to launch industry first “Olleh Green Phone Clinic” service in June 2012

▶ Service offers cleaning of device exterior, and full inspection of device functions

▶ Dramatically increase the life of your mobile device, while protecting our natural resources

▶ Used phone replacement policy expanded into 3 levels, buyback policy extended to cover 42 models

Now, trust kt to maintain your mobile device, by receiving regular maintenance and giving the exterior a nice polish.

KT (www.kt.com, CEO Suk-chae Lee) has announced the start of their "Olleh Green Phone Clinic", a service that not only offers cleaning and polishing of the exterior of customer's mobile devices, but also offers inspection and maintenance of the devices's internal functions.  They have also announced that their used phone replacement policy will be expanded into 3 levels, and the buyback policy will be extended to cover 42 devices.  The service is announced to start in June.

Beginning this coming June, customers will be able to experience the "Olleh Green Phone Clinic" by visiting olleh mobile stores nationwide, where they can receive a free diagnostic of their device.  Should any further maintenance be necessary, their device can be sent to one of 4 “Olleh Green Phone Clinic Centers”, where it can receive external cleaning, polishing, and disinfecting services, as well as repairs and maintenance of the device’s features and functions.

The service fee is 20,000 won, and a rental phone is provided for the 3 to 5 days that it takes for the phone to be serviced.  Although only users who have had their phone for less than a year can receive repair services with the manufacturer, with “Olleh Green Phone Clinic”, all customers, including those who’ve had their phones for longer than a year, or even subscribers to another carrier, can have their phone serviced.  The only exception to the rule are phones that are too severely damaged to be serviced.

South Koreans have the shortest average handset usage period (about 18 months), and KT expects that this service will help to promote the reuse of functional phones, at the same time avoiding waste of natural resources. 

These phones become even more useful when combined with KT’s “Olleh SIMple”, a service that allows users to start a line of service with just a SIM card, which in turn saves on monthly charges, while still providing the same great service.

In addition, KT has greatly improved it’s “Olleh Green Phone” policies.

First, the compensation levels have been changed from a 2 level to 3 level program, which will enable customers to receive an even greater amount in an exchange, and the supported buyback models have doubled from 21 to 42 models.  In addition, KT will also buy back select models of phones offered by other carriers, enabling subscribers to save on fees when moving to KT. 

Mr. Hyunmo Ku, of the KT Personal Sales and CS business unit has said, “South Korean subscribers tend to change their mobile phones up to 3 times more often than that of countries like the United States or Japan.  I believe that our ‘Olleh Green Phone Clinic’ will not only enable customers to keep their phones in top condition past the 12 month manufacturer warranty, but will also help to create a market for ‘second phones’”.

1) “Olleh Green Phone Clinic” Service

A service that offers cleaning and removal of scratches and external defects, disinfection, dust removal, polishing, internal diagnostics/maintenance, and applicaiton of screen protection film, though which users can extend the life of their current handsets, while reducing environmental impact.

2) Details of olleh green phone improvements


KT 'Olleh Green Phone'



Maximum compensation increase

ㅇ 2 levels : A(Acceptable), B(Defective)

ㅇ Devision of 'Acceptable' standard

  - A+  -  Like new
  - A - Used (Average wear and tear for 1 year of use)
  - B - Defective

매입 모델

ㅇ 6 models of iPhone, 15 Android phone models

 (Total of 21)
ㅇ Feature (non-smartphones)

ㅇ 21 Smartphone models added  (Total 42 models)
ㅇ Feature (non-smartphones)
Selective buyback of phones from other carriers


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