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A new world of digital music, "Genie"

Genie is a cloud-based music service created by KT and KT music, in collaboration with many major entertainment labels, including SM, YG, JYP, Media Line, Star Empire, Unioncan, Music Factory, Universal, Sony Music, Danal and Pony Canyon.  Rather than a monthly subscription based service, Genie lets users pick and choose from not only the music they want, but from music videos, photo albums, and other exclusive content.

1. Listen before you buy

  No more 30 second previews, all members can listen to the full song up to 3 times before choosing to buy the track.


2. Listen anywhere

  Genie is connected to the cloud, meaning you can listen to your music anywhere.

3. Even better with LTE

   For just 4,000 won a month, LTE subscribers can use the Genie service freely, without the usage counting towards their monthly data.


4. More than just music

  Get access to not only music, but music videos, and other unreleased exclusive content.

5. Experience freedom

   Download up to 40 songs per month free in the Sponsor Zone.

"Genie Chart" is a list of the top 100 songs listened to by fellow Genie users.  Check the chart to find hot new tracks!

Topping this week's "Genie Chart" is Girls' Generation - TTS!  Not long after the launch of their latest Mini Album, their title track "Twinkle" is number 1, rising above Park Jin Young and Busker Busker!

*Hold on, what is Girls' Generation-TTS?

Girls' Generation-TTS (also known as Girls' Generation-TaeTiSeo) is the first official sub-group of South Korean girl group, Girls' Generation.  The sub-group is composed of three Girls' Generation members, Taeyeon (leader), Tiffany, and Seohyun.

With Genie, you not only get music, but exclusive content, including photo albums, music videos, and interviews!  Listen to TaeTiSeo's full album up to 3 times through!  And when you purchase the tracks you want (for only 600 won each), you get access to the music videos and other exclusive content free!

Check out the music video for Girls' Generation-TTS, "Twinkle"!  

숨겨도 TWINKLE 어쩌나 눈에 확 띄잖아
베일에 쌓여 있어도 나는 TWINKLE 티가나 [ALL]
딴 사람들도 다 빛나는 나를 좋아해
끝까지 경계 해야해 보석을 훔친 너잖아 [태연]
늘 나의 곁을 지켜줘 내 주위만 맴돌아 [티파니]
눈을 떼지 말아줘 내 마력에 빠져 [서현]
눈에 확 띄잖아(띄잖아 띄잖아) 베일에 쌓여있어도
나는 TWINKLE 티가 나 [ALL]
난 미지의 세계 시간을 잊어버릴걸
아침에 눈을 떠봐도 꿈은 계속될거야 [티파니]
난 너를 위해 꾸미고 더 예쁘게 날 반짝일래 [서현]
왜 너만 혼자 몰라 나의 진가를 [태연]
숨겨도 TWINKLE 어쩌나(숨겨도 TWINKLE 빛이나)
눈에 확 띄잖아(눈에 확 띄잖아) 베일에 쌓여 있어도
나는 TWINKLE 티가나 [ALL]
너무 태연해 너무 뻔뻔해 밖에는 널 소원하는 줄이 끝이 안보여 [서현]
말도 안되게 너는 너무 담담해 난 하늘 아래 떨어진 별 [태연]
숨겨도 TWINKLE 어쩌나 눈에 확 띄잖아(난 눈에 확 띄잖아)
베일에 쌓여있어도(베일에 쌓여있어도) 나는 TWINKLE 티가나 [ALL]
그대의 TWINKLE 나를 봐 어딜봐 나를봐
칙칙한 옷속에서도 나는 TWINKLE 태가나(나는 TWINKLE 태가나) [ALL]
숨겨도 TWINKLE 어쩌나(난 TWINKLE 어쩌나)
눈에 확 띄잖아(눈에 확 띄잖아) 베일에 쌓여있어도

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