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Save Money by SIMply picking up a SIM Card

"Save Money by SIMply picking up a SIM Card"

▶ KT introduces "SIMple", a USIM only product that focuses on simplicity and ease of use

▶ Save up to 73% on telecommunication charges with "SIMple Prepaid"

▶ Save on your next mobile phone upgrade with "SIMple Saver"

▶ Additional rate plans coming soon, including additional discounts

▶ Taking a leading role in contributing to the development of a re-used phone market

Introducing a new mobile rate plan, one that's as simple to use as your prepaid transit card. 

KT (CEO Suk-chae Lee, www.kt.com) is announcing "Olleh SIMple", a simpler way to do mobile communications by purchasing just a USIM (Universal Subscriber Identity Module), in time with the switchover to a blacklist policy.

"Olleh SIMple" is a service that can be used with any USIM, with just about any phone, including Olleh "Green Phones", used phones purchased on the open market, phones that have been handed down my family, or even phones purchased overseas from another manufacturer.  Used and out-of-contract phones from other carriers can be used with the service as well.

Although a similar process was available in the past, often times the selection of rate plans was limited, the subscriber was not able to keep their old number, or get discounts/milage services.  KT has resolved these issues with the launch of their new "Olleh SIMple" product, allowing users the freedom to choose pre/postpaid plans, and use their existing devices, no matter where they were purchased.  Postpaid users have the added benefit of being able to keep their existing numbers.

The "Olleh SIMple" service comes in two forms: SIMple Prepaid and SIMple Saver.

"Olleh SIMple" is a prepaid rate plan that allows customers to take control of their mobile rate plan usage by adding only as much credit as desired, in denominations ranging from 2,000 won up to 50,000 won.  With "Olleh SIMple", there is no contract, activation fee, or base rate charge.

When amounts of 30,000 won, 40,000 won, or 50,000 won are added to the SIMple Prepaid plan, subscribers get an additional 100 to 200 bonus in-network calling minutes.  Combined with the savings of not having to pay a 11,000 won monthly base rate, subscribers can save up to 73% on their mobile phone usage, compared to previous plans, making SIMple Prepaid a great choice for children, parents, and others whose monthly usage can vary from month-to-month.

Previous prepaid plans allowed for a 10,000 won credit to be used for up to 30 days, but with SIMple prepaid, 10,000 won can be used for twice as long (60 days), with a credit of 50,000 won being usable for up to a year.

Credit balances can be checked and/or added conveniently at any time via olleh retailers nationwide, olleh.com, the mobile customer service center or the phone.  Customers can also set an amount to be added automatically every month or when the balance drops below a certain amount.

"SIMple Saver" allows users to receive 20% of their monthly usage (max. 150,000 won) in the form of credit towards their next mobile phone purchase making this service a perfect fit for short-term users, or users who do not want to be tied into a contract.

Subscription can be done quickly and conveniently at any of over 3,000 olleh retail locations nationwide, or at olleh.com.  The process can be completed in less than 30 mins, and can be shipped same day  if ordered online before 2pm.

Kook-Hyun Kang, Vice-President of the KT Personal Product and Marketing Department has said, "As the market changes with the introduction of a new device usage policy, we have prepared a new, convenient and economical USIM only product.  As we prepare to launch more SIMple products that include discounts, I expect that these products will help to create a new market for Olleh Green Phones, and other used mobile phones." 

In celebration of KT's SIMple product launch, all subscribers who subscribe to a SIMple product in the month of May 2012, will receive the 6,000 won USIM free of charge.  Users who add 50,000 won to their accounts via olleh.com after May 4th, 2012 will be eligible for the following promotional items:  a free mobile phone (first 700 users)

Also available though random selection are prizes of 10 Don of Gold (1 Don = 3.75 Grams), and/or a pair of Bang & Olufsen earphones.  

※ For additional inquires contact KT Public Relations.

※ Blacklist Policy:  A mobile phone usage policy that blocks only stolen and phones with forged serial numbers, while allowing all others to operate on the network.  This policy allows for mobile phones purchased on another carrier to be used with a subscriber's network of choice, just by purchasing a USIM.  This policy only applies to WCDMA devices produced after July 2008.  Policy does not apply to rental phones.

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