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The "New iPad", coming soon to KT

The "New iPad", coming soon to KT 

▶ New iPad launches on the 20th of April.  Available at olleh stores nationwide, and at olleh.com

▶ Includes the "retina display", features 4x more pixels on screen for brighter and crisper picture.

▶ Optimized network infrastructure, includes over 190,000 WiFi hotspots, and 4G WiBro coverage, and specialized apps, available only to olleh customers.


KT(CEO Suk-chae Lee, www.kt.com) announced on the 17th that it will be releasing Apple's "New iPad" (4G + WiFi model) on it's network on April 20th.

Customers can purchase the "New iPad" at a greatly discounted price when purchased together with "olleh Data Lifetime 2G/4G", a specialized rate plan for use with tablet PCs.

The "New iPad" includes Apple's Retina Display, which features 4x more pixels on screen for a much sharper picture, driven by the power of the A5X quad-core graphics processor.

The "New iPad" also includes the ability to record 1080p HD videos with it's new backlit 5 megapixel iSight camera, all while retaining it's thin form factor and battery life of up to 10 hours.

Although the "New iPad" does not support the LTE frequencies used in Korea, it can be used with KT's HSPA+ network, which will allow users to connect to the internet at very high speeds.

In addition to the HSPA+ network, users will have access to KT's over 190,000 WiFi hotspots nationwide, which are available on the Seoul and Busan Metro subway lines, 1,100 bus lines, and other public areas.  At areas equipped with Premium WiFi, users will be able to experience even higher speeds, thanks to an MWC award winning technology developed by KT.

KT President Hyun-Myung Pro had said that, "The New iPad will allow customers to enjoy services that KT provides, such as olleh TV now, olleh magazine, olleh ebooks, etc, in a more up-close and lively fashion.  Not only is KT the first to launch the "New iPad" in Korea, with over 190,000 high quality WiFi hotspots, a 4G WiBro network, and other specialized backend technologies, we're ready to show customers that KT is the clear choice for wireless service to your "new iPad". 

Customers can purchase the "New iPad" starting April 20th, 2012 at olleh stores nationwide.  For detailed information on rate plans and purchasing prices, please visit an official KT retailer near you. 

For more information on the new iPad, please visit www.apple.com/ipad.

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