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Need a mobile phone only for a few days? Rent one from KT

Visiting Korea for a short sightseeing or business trip?

It is certainly inconvenient when you realize that you cannot use your mobile phones you brought from your countries. Still, isn’t it just a little bit too much that you should purchase a new one? If you need a mobile phone in Korea for just a brief period of time, try KT’s mobile phone rental service~! You can use KT mobile phones with a rental fee of 3000 won a day! (Voice and data usage will be charged separately)

About the rental service
You can rent a KT mobile phone with a rental fee of 3000 won a day from Incheon/Kimpo/city area/Gimhae Airport. A separate security deposit can be paid by your credit card or cash.

The rental fee will be 50% off from the 15th day of your rental period, which means just 1500 won a day further on. (If you use the WiBro Rental Service, you can get an additional 10% off.)

How to use 
Make your booking with your mobile phone at least three days before renting from the website (roaming.kt.com). You can rent the phone from Incheon/Kimpo/Gimhae/city airport after they check your identification and deposit. At the same time, you can subscribe to additional services for your voice and data that are suitable for you. They all come with low prices, so don’t forget to check their terms of usage carefully!   

Step 1 

Step 2 

Step 3 

Step 4 

Step 5 


Receive your phone 

Use the phone 

Return the phone 

Settle charges 

Service fees

[Rental fee]
*Average customers: 2,700 won/day
*Customers with a discount service (customers who have rented more than twice): 1,350 won /day

[Call charge]
*Local voice call rate: 110 won/10 sec 
*Local video call rate: 220 won/10 sec
*Receiving calls: No charge  

*Local sending: 100 won/case
*International sending: 300 won/case

*Long message: 100 won/case
*Photo message: 1,000 won/case
*Video message: 2,200 won/case  (This service is available only in Korea.) 

*olleh Internet: 5.0 won/0.5kb
*olleh download: 2.0 won/0.5kb
*olleh video: 1.0 won/0.5kb
*Direct connection to the Internet: 1.5 won/0.5kb
*Information usage fee will be charged separately

When you return the mobile phone, the security deposit is refunded. You will pay for the voice and data usage fees and other additional service usage fees at that time. 



Voice 30

Prepaid, 100,000 won 

Rental fee per day: Free for 30 days, 50% off overages

Local voice call rate: 100,000 won serviced for free, 50% off overages

 Data 30 Prepaid, 120,000 won

Rental fee per day: Free for 30 days, 50% off overages

Local voice call rate: 100,000 won serviced for free, 50% off overages

Data rate: 300,000 won serviced for free, 80% off overages

*Data Plan: 5,000 won/day – You can use data up to 50,000 won a day. 80% off if exceeded. 
*Unlimited data with WiBro: 8,000 won a day

SIM Automatic Roaming Service
Want to use the same data from the mobile phone you used at your country? KT’s SIM automatic roaming service allows you to use the very SIM from your own mobile phone with the KT rental mobile phone. You can use the KT rental mobile phone at a rental fee of 1,300 won (VAT included) just the way you use your own mobile phone in Korea. This way, your bill will be charged by the communication company you used at your country. 

Related FAQ
Q1. What kind of smartphones can I rent?
A1. You can rent either iPhone 3 or iPhone 4.

Q2. Are there any additional services that lessen the burden of data usage while using my rented smartphone?
A2. You can use the Internet with unlimited access by renting a KT 4G egg, a mobile WiFi-based product, at 8,000 won a day. In addition, you can use the data at a low price with other data products like Data 30 and Data Plan. 

Take advantage of convenient, hassle-free mobile services with a KT rental mobile phone! 

Questions about your service?

Mobile Services: Call 1583
(Toll-free from a kt mobile phone)
or (02) 2190-1180

Home Services: Call 1588-8448

For other ways to get customer service, click here.

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