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KT establishes LTE Network at WARP speed! <National LTE WARP Coverage Map>

KT establishes LTE Network at WARP speed!

<National LTE WARP Coverage Map>

  KT is a top notch. I mean, talk about how fast they established the network.

It is the best, no question.  LTE service launch was a little bit later than the others …but just check out what happens after accessing its network.

We’ve got the edge in this LTE battle.


KT establishes LTE network at WARP speed!!!

This is what Byeong-gu Cho, a manager of Engineering Team 1 of Daegu Wireless Network Management Group, said confidently at a scene where the work of speeding up establishment of LTE network in the whole area of Daegu is taking place.

Finally, the giant has woken from its long sleep and stretching out now.

During the last month, more and more regions including Daegu, Busan Gwangju, Ulsan, Jeju, and other capital areas are announcing that application of LTE WARP has been completed. 


Despite its late start in the LTE market, if KT makes the best use of its strengths - ① sharing the existing system already built under the Plug-in structure ② abundant optical fiber based infrastructures - it is expected that an actual competition for the best LTE quality will really begin after the establishment of our nationwide network is completed, 

① Establishment of the LTE network fast by using the existing wireless system in the Plug-in structure (working hours shortened to 1/6 compared with the past)

② Superior optical fiber-based infrastructure compared to other communication network companies, having 3,658 toll centers located in main regions nationwide and covering a length of 425,517km.


<LTE WARP National Coverage Map>


Around Saturday 24th March, 2012, the LTE WARP service, which implemented the world’s first CCC technology, will be applied to 26 cities nationwide including the metropolitan areas. In addition, the establishment of LTE WARP network service for nationwide coverage is currently under progress, aiming to complete the work in 84 cities and major expressway/KTX regions by the end of April.

LTE WARP Coverage Plan

26 cities (by the end of March)

-25 boroughs (gu) in Seoul

-6 metropolitan cities:

Busan, Daegu, Gwangju, Daejeon, Incheon, Ulsan

-17 cities in the metropolitan areas:

Goyang, Gwacheon, Gwangmyeong, Guri, Gunpo, Kimpo, Namyangju, Bucheon, Seongnam, Suwon, Siheung, Anyang, Ansan, Yongin, Uiwang, Uijeongbu, Hanam

-2 cities in Jeju:

Jeju, Seogwipo


84 cities, major expressway/KTX regions (by the end of April)

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