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24-Hour Unlimited Data Roaming!

24-Hour Unlimited Data Roaming!

▶ KT customers can now use unlimited data for 24 hours after arriving at an international destination 
▶ Usable in 51 countries, even Luxembourg, Monaco and Slovakia!
▶ Activate the service easily and quickly at the "data roaming" counter, located at Incheon Airport.

KT (www.kt.com/eng, CEO Suk-Chae Lee) announced on the 25th that it will be launching its "olleh unlimited data roaming" service, which allows subscribers to use mobile data while roaming internationally in 51 countries for 24 hours after arrival. 

The service costs 10,000 won, and is an improved version of the existing data roaming service, and allows subscribers to select a time for the 24-hour period to begin.   Before, a 24-hour period was calculated as 0:00 to 24:00, Korean Standard Time.

For example, if the subscriber's arrival time in Paris was 2PM, (10PM Korean Standard Time), using the service for just 2 hours would result in the 10,000 won charge.  The new service allows the subscriber to use the service for a full 24-hours for the same amount charged.

With the inclusion of Luxembourg, Monaco, and Slovakia, the service is now supported in 51 countries, with a total of 79 partnered carriers, allowing the roaming subscriber to enjoy mobile data services as if they were connected to our home network.

"With the new 'olleh unlimited data roaming service', subscribers will be able to use mobile data freely, without having to worry about roaming costs," says Mr. Kook-Hyun Kang of KT's Mobile Product & Marketing Business Unit, "We will continue to provide services that will prove the value of being an olleh KT customer, with services that allow for improved usage abroad."

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1. Service start date : March 25, 2012 

2. Main Improvements

   ☞The world's first unlimited 24-hour data roaming service, priced at 10,000 won.


0:00 ~ 24:00 Korean Standard Time


24-hours from the time designiated by the subscriber

   ☞  Expanded partnerships and serviceable countries
     - 48 Countries =>  3 Countries added , for a total of 51 serviceable countries
        * Countries Added: Luxembourg (Tango) / Monaco (Orange) / Slovakia ( Orange)
        * 6 Partnered carriers added for previously serviceable countries
            Belgium (Mobistar,Belgacom) / Switzerland (Orange) / Spain (Orange)
            / England (Everything Everywhere) / Indonesia (Hutchison)

 3.  Unlimited data roaming benefits, exclusive to olleh mobile customers

 1: 20% less expensive, compared to other Korean Telecoms ( KT: 10,000 won/day vs Others: 12,000 won/day)
 2: Customer is able to set service start time 

 3: Unlimited 3G and WiFi roaming overseas

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