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kt Global Stores

Perhaps Korean isn't your strongest language, and you'd rather talk to someone in your own language.  

Visit one of kt's Global Stores, where you can get service in other languages, such as English, Chinese, Japanese, and even German! 

Whether you are looking to subscribe to a new line of service, or get help with the service you already have, consultants who speak a variety of foreign languages are available to help you.


    kt Global Stores


     Gangnam     Gwanghwamun     Hongik University

     Jongno        Kyunghee University      Noksapyeong    Uljiro






     Gyeonggi Province

     Ansan           Dongducheon 

    Stores in USFK Bases

     If you are a member of the United States Forces Korea, you can sign
     up for KT mobile phone service easily by bringing your...

     *  Military ID and/or Driver's License (Or other state issued ID)
     *  Order papers, enlistment records, or other documents to prove your
         status as military personnel.

     ...to one of the following locations:

     Camp Stanley PX
     Phone Number:  031-843-0041

     Camp Red Cloud PX
     Phone Number:  031-837-4343

     Daegu PX (Camp Walker)
     Phone Number:  053-474-5665

     Daegu (Camp Walker - USO Building #S318)
     Phone Number:  010-8396-0073 

     Dongducheon PX (Camp Casey)
     Phone Number:  031-866-4554

     Dongducheon (Camp Casey - USO Bldg #S3025)
     Phone Number:  010-8220-0555

     Dongducheon (Bosan Station)
     동두천시 보산동 365-4
     365-4 Bosan-dong, Dongducheon 
     Phone Number:  031-865-9195

     Kunsan BX
     Phone Number:  063-464-6226

     Osan USFK BX
     Phone Number: 031-664-6446

     Osan Air Base (USO Building #S429)
     Phone Number: 010-2910-9192

     Pyongtaek (Anjeong-ri)
     평택시 팽성읍 안정리 129
     129 Anjeong-ri, Paengsong-eup, Pyongtaek
     Phone Number: 031-691-9195

     Pyongtaek (Songtan Station)
     평택시 신장동 302-77
     302-77 Shinjang-dong, Pyeongtaek 
     Phone Number: 031-611-9195

     Pyoengtaek USFK PX (Camp Humphrey)
     Phone Number: 031-655-6556
     Yongsan Garrison (South-Post Building #8105)
     Phone Number: 02-792-6695

     Yongsan USFK PX Power Zone
     Phone Number:  02-795-4884


Questions about your service?

Mobile Services: Call 1583
(Toll-free from a kt mobile phone)
or (02) 2190-1180

Home Services: Call 1588-8448

For other ways to get customer service, click here.

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